Do you ever watch or read the news and feel like… something is missing?

Do you sometimes wonder why countries really do what they do or what’s truly going on behind the scenes? Do you end up feeling like you’re not getting the full story and wish that the media would dig a bit deeper?

You’re not alone.

This is because most news organizations rely on advertising revenue and therefore have no incentive to explore and analyze global events in depth. They just want to get people to click or tune in by dangling flashy headlines. In other words, other than merely presenting some facts, usually covered in clueless opinions about complex developments, the media won’t go any further.

And this is where my international affairs newsletter, Geopolitics Insider, comes in. I don’t rely on advertising revenue, but on the support of my readers. This means that, if I deliver garbage content, I'll go out of business. 

Twice a week, I publish a deep-dive on events that are geopolitically significant. I don’t try to come up with some sound bites the moment something happens on the world stage. Instead, I take my time to analyze what is happening, frame it into proper context, and present everything in a synthetic but accessible (and sometimes opinionated) way.

Why should I care about your take on international affairs - you might ask me. Valid question. 

I spent years as an intelligence analyst, decoding the intentions and next moves of countries and coming up with recommendations for decision-makers. Now, I am using what I learnt - and experienced - to give my readers a unique perspective on global events.

You might not always agree with what I write, but my promise to you is that I will always strive to give you the best and most insightful content possible.

I invite you to sign up for a free trial. This will allow you to view the previous deep dives that I published and receive the weekly piece for 4 weeks. If you find value in what you read, then this is a win-win. If you don't, you can cancel at any time without paying a single dime. I hope you will find my thoughts insightful.