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What makes Geopolitics Insider different from mainstream media and news organizations?

✓ Pragmatic Analysis: There are no good or evil countries, only nations and groups competing for resources and power - and willing to do anything to come out on top.

✓ Realistic Takes: Interests, not ideologies, drive the decision making process of countries. This means that intentions can be examined and strategic moves predicted.

Insider View: Written by a former intelligence analyst with years of experience, not by biased journalists or idealistic TV presenters.

✓ Independent: Unlike most of the media, I only answer to my readers - not to advertisers who can censor and control editorial content.

In-depth: Traditional media care more about getting eyeballs than accurately reporting on global events or explaining the different dynamics involved. I care more about the how and the why - not just the what.

What Geopolitics Insider's readers are saying:

"I was initially skeptical about paying for content about geopolitics given the amount of material that is available online for free, but I changed my mind after reading their piece on the EU and the chip war. This is quality analysis from people who clearly know what they are talking about."

★★★★★ Alain C. - Canada

"What I like about Geopolitics Insider is that they dig deeper than most. Very few publications can explain the intentions of geopolitical actors and predict their next moves in a such simple and yet comprehensive way."

★★★★★ Thomas M. - France

"I am a subscriber because Geopolitics Insider offers information and analysis that you can't find anywhere else."

★★★★★ Jared L. - USA

"Superb analysis. They connect the dots in a way that would put mainstream publications and media to shame."

★★★★★ George K. - UK

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