Geopolitics Insider's Referral Program

I'm excited to have you join me in spreading the word about Geopolitics Insider!

Refer your friends or colleagues and receive 40% of their first payment when they sign up, plus 20% on all their subsequent charges.

Your earnings will be automatically transferred to you via bank transfer or PayPal 30 days after each payment, with no minimum payout threshold.

How does that work?

When you sign up to Geopolitics Insider's referral program, you get a unique link that you can share for people to sign up. It's important that you ONLY share your unique link so that any subscriptions can be attributed to you. Also, this only works if you are a premium subscriber yourself.

When you sign up to the Referral Program, you get access to a dashboard, which allows you to see how many subscribers you've referred, their status, and all your upcoming payments.